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The powerful and minimalistic Graph Creation & Analysis Tool

Graph# is a minimalistic CASE tool that will allow end-users to analyze their graphs (pure graphs, UML 2.0 diagrams, ERDs, etc.) by applying various graph theory functions to them (such as Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm) to produce new graphs.

Why another Graphing Program?

Because all the other major CASE tools either lock the user to a particular platform (ex- Microsoft Visio), are too buggy, box a user into drawing graphs in a particular way (ex- by enforcing the use of UML 2.0) (ex- Umbrello), use a non-standard UI design (ex- Dia), or are more complex than they need to be (ex- Microsoft Visio.) On top of that, almost none of them let the user just make a plain-old graph, not to mention let the user apply graphing functions to their graphs to generate new graphs (a notable exception is PIGALE, though it's written with graph theorists in mind.)