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Key Graph# Features:

  • A robust and minimalistic general graphing and CASE tool
    • Draws UML 2.0 shapes, connections, &c without forcing UML 2.0 compliance.
    • Draws generic mathematical graphs.
    • Stores the resulting graph using the GraphML format
    • Optionally stores the resulting graph in Microsoft Visio .vsd format.
    • 3-D graphs
    • Simple, easy-to-use UI.
  • Graphing Function Analysis Tools (GFAT):
    • Can apply analytical functions to a graph to provide additional information on a graph, such as the source/sink vertex, graph size, graph weight, &c.
    • Can apply transformational functions such shortest path and spanning tree algorithms to a graph to produce an entirely new graph.
    • Can apply functions that alter the layout of a graph.
    • Can apply user-defined functions (via functors) to a graph to do, well, whatever the user wants them to!

A complete list of Graph#'s features can be found on the wiki.